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Unlike the run-of-the-mill furniture you find at modern retail outlets today, our reclaimed furniture in Warwick, NY at Authentic Antique Lumber LLC is high quality and hand built from the most durable wood possible. We use only time-tested Pine, Oak, Chestnut, and Maple wood to design and craft stylish furniture that you cannot find anywhere else.

From designer wood headboards to old fashioned oak dining tables, our skilled tradesmen produce stunning reclaimed furniture that is perfectly suited to fit your home décor. Whether you choose one of the furniture items from our showroom floor or you opt to have us custom build furniture for you, you will be thoroughly impressed.

Using authentic antique wood not only adds an unmatched charm and beauty to furniture, but it also offers its own unique qualities that contemporary furniture manufacturers cannot mimic. Namely, our wood has been recovered from centuries-old homes and structures and refurbished for reuse.

Each piece of lumber we use has been strengthened and hewn by the changing seasons over hundreds of years to produce unique patterns and remarkable designs. From rustic nail holes from old barn slats to striated dark oak floors, we clean it, repair it, and cordon it to be used to create one-of-a-kind end tables, bed frames, chairs, and more!

In addition to the natural beauty of our reclaimed furniture, another benefit of using Authentic Antique Lumber LLC to decorate your home is that these antique pieces are all eco-friendly. Repurposing this high-quality natural wood is good for the environment and enables you to own a piece of history right in your home.

Whatever the style or architecture of your home, we can craft lovely reclaimed furniture that will enhance the quality of your interior designs. If you are tired of purchasing furniture that only lasts a few years and want something that will endure for years to come, stop by our showroom in Warwick and find the piece that is right for you!

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