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If you treasure the value of old fashioned wood designs, we offer top quality furniture installation.

Reclaimed Furniture

Reclaimed Lumber

Furniture Installation

Reclaimed Furniture

Reclaimed Furniture | Authentic Antique Lumber LLC | Warwick, NY | (845) 294-9663

Unlike the run-of-the-mill furniture you find at modern retail outlets today, our reclaimed furniture in Warwick, NY at Authentic Antique Lumber...

Reclaimed Lumber

Reclaimed Lumber | Authentic Antique Lumber LLC | Warwick, NY | (845) 294-9663

Whether you choose to buy our reclaimed lumber in Warwick, NY to add an addition to your home, install new wood flooring, or to add accents...

Furniture Installation

Furniture Installation | Authentic Antique Lumber LLC | Warwick, NY | (845) 294-9663

If you have tired of conventional furniture options, we offer reclaimed custom furniture installation in Warwick, NY at Authentic Antique Lumber...

We give valuable and sturdy centuries-old lumber new life at Authentic Antique Lumber LLC in Warwick, NY!

Welcome to Authentic Antique Lumber LLC

Whether you are looking to update the look of your home interiors or you want to add sturdy antique wood furniture to your décor, we are your number-one source in Warwick at Authentic Antique Lumber LLC! We specialize in taking natural antique woods and recycling it to be used in flooring, furniture, and as building material.

Our business relies on finding the best, most durable timber from outdated structures such as barns, old demolition homes, and vintage furniture and giving it new life. We preserve that bygone era of quality craftsmanship that exemplified historic American homes and buildings.

We take those materials to create reclaimed furniture and reclaimed timber to complement even the most contemporary home décor. From classic designs to more modern interiors, our materials are hand-selected and then handcrafted to produce beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time.

All of our reclaimed furniture is made from “authentic antique lumber” seasoned over centuries to give it its unique qualities. You can choose from Maple, Oak, Chestnut, and Pine that has been expertly hand built by skilled tradesmen from Authentic Antique Lumber LLC to match your tastes and preferences.

For flooring, you can choose from knotted Chestnut patterns, aged Hemlock, rustic weathered Pine striations and much more. Our wood flooring covers the gamut of colors from gorgeous red Oak to sun-soaked blonde Maple wood. Slats come in a wide range of sizes to devise the precise look that you are going for.

When you visit our showroom at Authentic Antique Lumber LLC in Warwick, NY, you will be absolutely amazed by our impressive selection of reclaimed furniture. Even though each piece is made from wood hewn hundreds of years ago, they are sleek, clean, and exquisitely crafted to the highest standards of beauty. Stop by Authentic Antique Lumber LLC in Warwick today to see for yourself!